Seabound – Speak In Storms (2014)

Seven years have passed since the last Seabound album. The band seemed to have almost disappeared after their acclaimed third studio effort „Double-Crosser“. However, this happened for a reason, as keyboardist Martin Vorbrodt moved to the US and started a new life while singer Frank Spinath concentrated on his side projects Edge Of Dawn and Ghost & Writer. Two years ago, Seabound started a transatlantic collaboration, and initial tracks released on Dependence label samplers turned some heads. Now the album has been finished and delivers the goods in the truest sense of the word. „It has turned out to be a Seabound album“, singer Frank Spinath simply states.As usual, „Speak In Storms“ displays a diverse mixture of spheric, cooly pulsating energy and warmth not patterned on anybody else’s music, but setting its own standards. Those afraid of a weak return from the group’s period of silence are gladly mistaken: „Speak In Storms“ testifies maturity and electronic strength, which only gradually develops from hypnotic vocals and largely reduced arrangements, only to become more intense and energetic. Thus, the transatlantic agreement has by no means done harm to the band. The same goes for the lyrics: Spinath, in real life a professor of psychology, processes fissures within the identities of his protagonists into a dense collage of emotions: nightmarish scenarios, doppelgangers as well as lost souls and fatal meetings and repeatedly the one questions about individual identity. At times multi-faceted, then resigning, hopeful or lurking and unscrupulous are the answers within these songs. Therefore, strongly relaxing space wanderings such as „Contraband“ go along with straightforward Future Pop songs like „Nothing But Love“ or electronical, atmospheric ballads in the vein of „Lair“.
„Speak in Storms“ will be released in February in three formats: as a jewelcase, as limited DigiPak double CD an as „Tempest Edition“, a hardcover book with two CDs. The second CD in both cases contains remixes.

01 For Life
02 Contraband
03 For Another Day
04 Liberty Rose
05 A Grown Man
06 Everything
07 Lair
08 The Escape
09 Nothing But Love
10 Black Feathers

Bonus CD:
01 When She’s Hungry
02 Everything (EvvvilKing Remix by Steril)
03 For Another Day (Dead When I Found Her Remix)
04 A Grown Man (Andrew Sega Remix)
05 For Another Day (Wesenberg Rework)
06 Black Feathers (Requiem)

Seabound (Official Homepage)

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The Flood - In Love Or Despair (2013)
The Flood – In Love Or Despair (2013)

What started out as a progressive rock band in the mid-90s has now condensed into some of the most moving electronic music ever written.
There may be references to dark wave bands of the 80s, but it’s something very modern. When it’s not driven by a bouncy rhythm, THE FLOOD is a slowly waltzing thunderstorm of feelings.
THE FLOOD uses an archaic approach to music, from a time when the first spark of a song was an emotion that needed to be conveyed, an emotion that found it’s way through the psyche onto the audible surface. It is a labour of love, of love to real hand-made music. Even if THE FLOOD uses synthesizers (very new and very old ones), there is everything hand-played, not-programmed, not-sampled, not auto-tuned. It’s how it should be.
Even if most songs have a strong rhythm, there is enough depth and space to let yourself fall into and be carried away.
THE FLOOD has everything set up for you. Take a seat, relax, and feel loved.

01. Outpost
02. The Right Time
03. Never Wanted
04. High Above
05. Be Like This
06. Tell A Lie
07. Sunrise
08. Eyes To Drown
09. Sunset
10. Don’t Miss You
11. Second Guest
12. Backin 1989
13. Show Them
14. Don’t Speak So Loud

The Flood (Official Homepage)

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Clan Of Xymox - Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul (2014)
Clan Of Xymox – Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul (2014)

In its long and storied history, Clan Of Xymox has developed a signature dark electro-gothic sound that has made the act adored around the world. With the new album, Matters of Mind, Body and Soul, the band explores its signature, melancholic sound, as evidenced by standout tracks such as “I Close My Eyes” and “I’ll Let You Go.”

01. Once In A Blue Moon
02. She Is Falling In Love
03. The Climate Changed
04. Hector
05. I Close My Eyes
06. Hand In Glove
07. Your Own Way
08. Love’S On Diet
09. I’Ll Let You Go
10. Months Ago
11. Kiss And Tell
12. Chinese Whispers

Clan Of Xymox (Official Homepage)

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Interface – It Begins Today (2013)

This new digital single marks the return of Interface after 3 years with an all-new sound and style. The single marks the blending of Interface’s trademark sound with influences of newer EDM music styles, and includes remixes by Frontal Boundary, DoublePlusTen, and Interface itself. “It Begins Today” will be on the forthcoming Nilaihah LP, The Perfect World, coming in September 2013.

01. It Begins Today (Single Version)
02. It Begins Today (Eric’s Club Revolution)
03. It Begins Today (Frontal Boundary’s Disillusion Remix)
04. It Begins Today (DoublePlusTen’s Addition By Subtraction Remix)
05. DL The Future
06. It Begins Today (Eric’s Dub Revolution)


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Covenant – Last Dance (2013)

The new EP from the upcoming album “Leaving Babylon” in September.

01. Last Dance
02. I Scan The Surface
03. Last Dance (Modulate Remix)
04. We Go Down
05. Last Dance (Version)
06. Slowdance


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Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted (2013)

“New single. New album. New tour.
Our new full-length album, Hesitation Marks, will be released September 3rd on Columbia Records. The first single, “Came Back Haunted,” is out now, and you can listen to it above or on Soundcloud. You can also download the song right now by pre-ordering the album from us or on iTunes.
We’ve also announced our new tour, Tension 2013, coming this fall to North America. Picking up where Lights in the Sky left off, this is the full-on NIN live experience realized as we never could before. View tour dates and on-sale dates on our tour page. As usual, we have a nin.com presale designed to get the best tickets in the hands of real fans at reasonable prices – check here for full presale details and times.
This is just the beginning…”

01. Came Back Haunted


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XP8 – Adrenochrome (2013)

01. Awakenings
02. Camden Town
03. Getaway
04. Information
05. Night Run
06. Beyond The Looking Glass
07. Going Underground
08. Hunters
09. Hostages
10. Showdown
11. Inside Their Heads


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Technomancer – System Failure (2013)

Technomancer a.k.a. Roy Julian Digre, is an electronic one-man-project from the darkest parts of northern Norway, that has existed since 2004.

A lot of self-produced demo material was produced and released digtally and spread on YouTube in the last 9 years, but now Technomancer is ready to kick it up a notch and start playing with the big boys.

The new album “System Failure” is the result of a lot of hard work and solid cooperations over the last year. On his team, Roy has secured Per Aksel Lundgreen, known from Apoptygma Berzerk, Cronos Titan, Chinese Detectives and Angst Pop as his co-producer. As a result of this, the album also includes the Angst Pop track “Ødipus Rex” that they collaborated on last year, as well as a new take on the 1994 classic from Apoptygma Berzerk, “Electronic Warfare”.

The first single from the album, “Drift”, was released early 2013 and has done very well to create a buzz around this album. Also be certain to check out the track “Path Of Destruction”, destined to be the second single from the album, packed with great remixes from several known artists like Apoptygma Berzerk and Supercraft.

The album has been mastered by Carlos Peròn, co-founder of Swiss electronic legends Yello.

01. Prelude
02. Path Of Destruction
03. Odipus Rex (Angst Pop feat. Technomancer)
04. Scanner
05. Drift
06. D-MN
07. Target
08. Point.0
09. Vision
10. Alone
11. Computerism
12. Electronic Warfare (feat. Angst Pop)
13. Synchronized (Bonus Track)
14. Odipus Rex (Angst Pop feat. Technomancer) (Spiritual Warfare Remix)
15. Drift (Minimal Plus Remix by Rossetti’s Compass)


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01. Escape Artist
02. Dead End
03. Cardiac Arrest
04. Only Human
05. Paradise Falls
06. Hard to Breathe
07. Ghost
08. Boys of Summer
09. Thanks for Nothing
10. Never Enough


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01. Circles
02. Paused
03. Letting Go
04. Look Beyond
05. Our Common Future (ft. KYOKO BAERTSOEN)
06. Letting Go (ATROX BASS remix)
07. Our Common Future (DIZKODUDE remix)
08. Paused (CYANCE remix)
09. Letting Go (FRENCHFIRE remix)
10. Letting Go (TRIPTONE remix)
11. Paused (ROOTKIT remix)
12. Look Beyond (DIMENSION FLUX remix)
13. Letting Go (AMARTA PROJECT remix)
14. Circles (Stripped Edit)

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