Friends, greetings to all of you. Very soon, at any moment, the radio will cease broadcasting. And perhaps, as you read this comment, it has already happened.

The SynthWay project was launched on September 20, 2012, and has always been on the air. During this time, various segments of server placement/use for broadcasting have been tested: USA/Canada, Europe (France, UK, Russia), and also ready-made solutions from some vendors. Ultimately, for the past 6 years, ready-made solutions from suppliers have been used because the reliability and quality of broadcasting were at the highest level. I inserted this small reference to later explain a certain decision.

And everything started going downhill from 2022. SynthWay is being blocked on many radio platforms (or even all of them), I lose the ability to purchase/receive new compositions. Consequently, I also stopped receiving any donations, there weren't many, but they were very helpful. Then the number of listeners drops, and now I receive a notification about the termination of services in Russia and the impossibility of accepting payment for support from Russia.

Therefore, right now I cannot take any immediate actions for a quick migration of the project to some self infrastructure or to any cloud solutions among Russian companies. I already mentioned this in reference, broadcasting from Russia was terrible. And now with the current restrictions and provider blocks, even more so. So, there will be a pause, it is necessary, and for me too. I see that the quality of the radio has dropped because of all this. When everything will be restored and in what form, I do not know yet. Perhaps there will be some other implementation. But while the war is going on, other things need to be solved.

My email is active, I see all your emails. Yes, I don't respond to all emails from performers who send me their tracks for rotation, but I listened to everything and added suitable tracks for rotation in subsequent updates. However, I always respond to emails regarding any questions except rotations tracks.

Orkhan Gasanov,