Welcome to the SynthWay. This is a radio with the best Synthpop, Futurepop, EBM, Industrial and Dark Electro music in the world.

Website has mobile and desktop optimized player which runs on all major browsers and mobile devices. If your browser doesn’t support website player or you want to use other ways to listen – head to the tune-in links.

There may be some playback delay related to the stream buffering on the browser's side. Please wait a few seconds and the radio will start playing.

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High quality stream.

Medium quality - preferably for mobile and car devices.

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We are on the air since 2012 year and all the time the SynthWay exists we've never used contextual advertising and online-broadcast commercials. For so many years radio is maintained by our own resources.

Here you can optionally support SynthWay Radio with a donation. All proceeds will be used for technical support, continuous updating and improving the quality of broadcasts.